The Fortress Study Group endeavours to try and help preserve military architecture and contribute to academic learning.  Although we have only limited funds (please consider making a donation) we endeavour to help in our own small way such as:

  • Publishing fortification research in FORT and Casemate which are distributed to academic libraries worldwide.
  • Grants to authors to help with their research and publications on subjects within our field of interest.
  • Small grants to organisations preserving and interpreting fortifications. 
  • Awards to fortification groups to acknowledge their good work in promoting and protecting a specific fort.
  • Providing expert advice to development proposals.

The newly established (2021) FSG Charitable Activities Sub-Committee is responsible for the groups charitable policy and activities and is developing a more proactive plan for 2022 as follows...........

  • Development of policy – compliance with Charity Commission rules
  • Publications – a draft publication and translation grant formulated 
  • Grants for fortifications – draft criteria formulated
  • Archive material – making accessible to the public – under review (often required for Historic Environment Assessment and Building Appraisals)
  • Plans for the future – grants for overseas fortresses, essay prizes?
  • Fundraising – sponsorships? 

Please contact the FSG Secretary for further information or to suggest a charitable activity. 

The following sections details some of our recent charitable activity. 

2021/22 FSG Charitable Activity

Recent Charitable Activity includes:

  • Jan 22 FSG provide practical support to the recovery of the 9.2 inch gun and Mk V mounting from Levant Battery in Gibraltar.  
  • Jan 22 The release of Fortifications of the Forth as a free e-book. The publication having been supported by an FSG grant in an earlier year.
  • Dec 21 Appledore Civil War 'Fort' scheduled with FSG help

2020/21 FSG Charitable Activity 

  • The following activity was reported at the Nov 21 AGM
    • FORT and Casemate (provided free to various libraries and related societies)
    • Website eg Fortress Gibraltar, Facebook, Twitter
    • Webinar access for related societies
    • International Fortress Council - FSG facilitated the October 2021 IFC committee meeting on Zoom
    • £10 student digital membership introduced (4 members so far)
    • Complementary membership for FORT authors
    • Various enquiries responded to eg information to PhD students (eg Italy Fortification Dictionary) and planning inquiries/ technical queries (eg Hurst Castle)
    • Distribution of Plaques (delayed by Coronavirus)
The Fortress Study Group CIO is a registered charity, No 1194017.
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