At the time of his death in 2022*, FSG member David Evans, author of the English Heritage co-publications Building the Steam Navy (2004) and Arming the Fleet (2006), was working on a history of the development and defences of Portland naval base and harbour in Dorset. While it is not known for certain how far he had progressed with this, some reports have suggested that the manuscript was substantially complete, and was possibly near-enough entirely so. However subsequent enquiries have drawn a complete blank as to its whereabouts and status. FSG would be interested in hearing from any members who can shed any light on the matter, because the committee believe that the work deserves to be published if at all possible, and are interested in looking into whether the group can help in any way to bring this about.


If you have any information please contact Charles Blackwood at: [email protected]


* See obituary in Casemate 125 p5.

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